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February 21, 2019
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Supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are integral to the way we conduct our business. Specifically, we contribute to SDG 5, SDG 12 and SDG 15:

SDG 5: Gender Equality

Our biodegradable cotton tea bags are handsewn by women in a factory in Marrakesh, Morocco. We have selected this material not just for its environmental impact but also because we believe in and support the vision and philosophy of our Moroccan partner who is committed to aiding its community. The company employs mostly women in management positions and supports its largely female workforce with medical insurance and education.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

One of the first things we did when we started working on the rebrand of Emeyu was to set up key criteria for production and sourcing. Quite simply these cover our commitment to organic produce, to plastic-free materials, to recyclable materials and to function. As many other businesses we recognise that this is a journey of constant improvement and we are proud of the results that we have received today. Our retail packaging is made of natural resources: responsibly sourced paper, biodegradable cotton, and bio-plast and is almost fully compostable. Our displays are locally produced and made of durable oak.

SDG 15: Life on land   

Emeyu’s vision and strategy can be summarized with the line: Imagine the power of a small moment. With our small moment strategy, we want to contrast the constant interventions of modern life and remind people to take a moment to reflect, a moment to smile and a moment to focus. The ambition is to create an impact not only on the individual but also on the environment through the use and knowledge of sustainable packaging materials. Specifically, we use responsibly sourced paper (min FSC certified) for packaging and collateral, oak for our locally produced wooden displays, biodegradable cotton for our teabags and bio plast for wraps. We also aim to educate through social channels and engage with our partners in constantly searching for better solutions.


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